Flooring Solutions Designed for Commercial Environments.

From supplying the flooring to meticulously installing it at your premises, Darley Flooring Solutions Ltd covers the whole process. Based in Heartfordshire, we are able to source an extensive selection of commercial and business flooring that is tailored to the customer’s needs. Our flooring solutions are ideally suited for a variety of commercial clients, including:

• Local Authorities
• Hospital Trusts
• Education Providers

• Offices
• Retail Outlets
• Leisure facilities

• Care Homes

• Sports Facilities 

    Consulting with the Client

    To ensure that the customer receives the most suitable flooring solution, we conduct a free initial consultation to determine their requirements and design specifications. After identifying the flooring that the customer needs, we will provide a free quotation as well as an estimated timescale for the service. Our everyday products will be delivered in just three to five days, although bespoke solutions can take up to 16 weeks.

    Insurance and Warranties

    Every product supplied by Darley Flooring Solutions Ltd, including the hygienic wall cladding, is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, although the extent of the warranty will differ between each item. For your peace of mind, our services are protected by full public liability insurance.

    Bespoke Flooring

    All flooring materials are sourced on an order-by-order basis, which ensures that we are able to offer a bespoke service that is tailored to the customer’s needs. By catering for flooring of all sizes, styles, and designs, we can provide the most suitable product with a perfect fit.

    Samples of Materials and Previous Work

    Over the years we have developed a vast portfolio of work, and we will be happy to provide clients with examples of our previous commercial projects. Additionally, we supply product samples to help the customer determine their favourite style or design.

    A Comprehensive Range

    By providing a full selection of flooring solutions from leading manufacturers, we are able to source their entire portfolio of products, allowing us to cater for all budget requirements. Our selection of commercial and business flooring includes:

    • Sub-Floor Preparation
    • Carpet Tiles
    • Broadloom Carpet
    • Smooth Vinyl
    • Slip-Resistant Vinyl
    • Sports Flooring
    • LVT
    • Rubber Flooring
    • Solid Timber

    • Engineered Timber

    Contact us now, to receive more information about our commercial and business flooring.